Information on Cluster events during Covid-19

The SEE|EU Cluster of Excellence in European and Interatnional Law is following the situation reagding the Coronavirus global pandemic and has adjusted the annual events to the current situation by following the insturctions and recommendations of the German government, the Govermment of the Bundesrepublik Saarland and Saarland University. The Cluster is also following the situations in the countries of Cluster’s partner faculities in order to evaluate the possibilities of different project implementations.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation it is currently not possible to implement the research stay at the Europa-Institut. The applicants who have applied for the reserach stay will be duly informed about their status and possibility to implement their research stay in 2020.

The Summer school in 2020 will not take place in real life. We are currently working on an online format for ogranising the summer school.


Romina Štaba, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb

The one-month research stay at the Europa-Institut was a wonderful experience in both a scientific and social sense. In a scientific sense, researching at the Europa Institut helped me define my PhD thesis. Using the Europa-Institut’s library and its open data access, I was able to find many books and articles to define my hypothesis and find specific answers for my thesis. In a social sense, I have met so many people and we have made life lasting memories. Furthermore, with some of “Saarbrucken friends” I have already established scientific cooperation. If you want in your life a month of enjoyment while researching and working I while hearted recommend this research stay at the Europa Institut in Saarbrucken!

Research stay in February/March 2020

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Ljuben Kocev, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje, Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law

My research stay at the Europa-Institut was an excellent and truly enriching experience for me. The access to the library and the online databases has helped me immensely in the preparations stages of the writing of my PhD thesis. The library staff vas very attentive, and they helped me access the necessary literature for my field of research. During the stay I managed to obtain literature that would be very helpful not only in the initial phase of the preparation for the thesis, but also in the later stages of the writing. I was also able to dispel some concerns which I had regarding the hypothesis of my thesis, and also narrow and streamline the focus of the research. Another positive aspect of my stay was the PhD colloquium, which overlapped with the date of my research stay. During the colloquium I had a chance to meet young researchers from different countries and get to know more about their research topics and their ideas on various fields of law. The visit to the European court of Human Rights was also very positive and unique experience. The overall experience has truly been a privilege for me, and I feel honored for the opportunity to conduct a research stay at Saarland University. I would highly recommend to fellow researchers to apply for the SEE – EU Cluster of Excellence in European and International Law Scholarship.

Research stay January/February 2020

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Danijela Romić, Centre for SEELS (Osijek)

My research stay at Europa Institute and Saarland University was a very special experience for me. The university campus with all necessary facilities and extremely friendly and helpful staff underpinned to a very stimulating atmosphere for my research. Three extremely well equipped libraries provided me a scientific pool of information whom I couldn’t resist. There were moments when it seems I was a kid in the toy store: I wanted to pick up as much books and articles as I can. Personally, for the very first time I had opportunity to focus on my research for a whole month. People who I met, colleagues from different countries and academic backgrounds, all enriched my life and experience. I consider myself honored to have had the opportunity to participate in this experience and am grateful to the SEE | EU Cluster of Excellence.

Research stay in January/Febraury 2020

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Research stay 2020

We are happy to inform you that the Applications for a Research Stay at the Europa-Institut within the framework of the SEE | EU Cluster of Excellence in European and International Law in 2020 are open.

We wish every applicant the best of luck and are looking forward to your applications.

SEE | EU Excellence in Law • Series of Papers 2020

The SEE | EU Cluster of Excellence in European and International Law is issuing a call for papers for the sixth volume of the Series of Papers (SEE | EU Excellence in Law • Series of Papers). The call is open to academic staff as well as to all PhD candidates from the partner faculties. The deadline for submission of the papers is the 13th of September 2020.

Đorđe Marković, Belgrade

My one-month long research stay at the Europa-Institut was really in many ways a great experience. This was actually the second time that I was doing research at the Europa Institut – I have decided to come back for a number of reasons. The University is exceptionally well organized with friendly and attentive staff, hence you instantly feel at home. Within three available libraries, I easily managed to find a large number of useful and important books, as well as papers for my PhD thesis. In addition, getting to know colleagues from different countries and exchange experience with them was an exceptional pleasure and benefit. Finally, Saarbrücken is a wonderful little city and it is also positioned very well geographically, therefore it is easy to organize weekend excursions to surrounding countries, regions and cities. I strongly recommend to any interested Ph.D. candidates to come to the Europa-Institut.

Research stay in April 2019

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