My one-month long research stay at the Europa-Institut was really in many ways a great experience. This was actually the second time that I was doing research at the Europa Institut – I have decided to come back for a number of reasons. The University is exceptionally well organized with friendly and attentive staff, hence you instantly feel at home. Within three available libraries, I easily managed to find a large number of useful and important books, as well as papers for my PhD thesis. In addition, getting to know colleagues from different countries and exchange experience with them was an exceptional pleasure and benefit. Finally, Saarbrücken is a wonderful little city and it is also positioned very well geographically, therefore it is easy to organize weekend excursions to surrounding countries, regions and cities. I strongly recommend to any interested Ph.D. candidates to come to the Europa-Institut.

Đorđe Marković, Research associate at the Institute of Comparative Law in Belgrade
research stay in April 2019

My one-month research stay at the Europa-Institut of Saarland University is doubtless one of the most enriching, fruitful and enjoyable experiences – both professionally and personally. The impressive Saarland University campus, outstanding libraries equipped with the latest literature on a plethora of legal areas, warm and helpful staff and the interaction with colleagues from different academic backgrounds all contributed to a very stimulating atmosphere that enabled me to collect the necessary material and ideas for my future doctoral thesis. I truly consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to receive the SEE | EU Cluster of Excellence in European and International Law Scholarship and would highly recommend it to fellow researchers.

Bojana Todorović, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade                                                            research stay in August 2018

For many reasons has a scholarship at the Europa Institute been a beautiful experience for me. For a young researcher it seems like you are in a ‘databases heaven’. One cannot go home without loads of relevant literature crucial for any kind of writing, especially for one like Ph.D. thesis. The time spent at the Institute helped me to gain a new, broader perspective on my research as well as it helped me to improve my searching skills. But, not less important are the people at the Institute. Everyone is kind, worm and helpful.  Anyone who has an opportunity to apply would not regret a day spent at the Institute!

Iva Kuna, Center for SEELS (Osijek)
research stay in June 2017

The excellent facilities located in the beautiful setting, pleasantly helpful and dedicated staff of the Europa-Institut always at your disposal, great libraries and all relevant data basis available, made my research stay most productive and enjoyable.

This experience provided me not just only professional freedom for independent research, but also excellent networking opportunities that will further my future endeavors in academia.

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to spend time at Europa-Institut, and I would warmly recommend this program especially to younger researchers.

Nikola Dožić, Faculty of Law, University of Montenegro
research stay in January 2017

Research stay at Europa-Institute gave me excess to necessary literature for my PhD thesis. I would definitely recommend the research stay for anyone conducting comparative research in any field of law.

The libraries on University of Saarland are well equipped both with recent publications, as well as the old ones which enables in-depth research of any legal issue. Technical equipment and helpful and friendly stuff make research easy and adapted to everyone’s needs.

It was a real privilege being part of this program.

Juraj Brozovic, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb
research stay in November 2016

Doing a research at Europa-Institut has all what is needed for an ideal academic stay abroad. It includes a very welcoming administration, helpful staff of excellently equipped library, and great collaboration with fellow researchers. I truly enjoyed my month here and would gladly return again!

Selma Mezetovic Medic, Faculty of Law, University of Sarajevo
research Stay in October 2016

Research stay at the Europa-Institut was a great experience for me as a PhD candidate. It gave me the opportunity to explore through the abundance of literature and databases and I was able to find some very valuable sources for my further research. Another very important part of my research stay was the opportunity to meet colleagues from other countries and share experiences with them. I am grateful for being given the opportunity to participate in this programme from which I gained rewarding experience both professionally and personally. I have already recommended it to my colleagues and will surely recommend it again whenever I will have the chance.

Ana Radina, Center for SEELS (Split)
research stay in October 2016

Research stay at the Europa Institut entirely satisfied my expectations. The well equipped libraries, friendly and inspiring research environment present a perfect place for PhD candidates and conducting their research, as well as for intellectual exchanges with many other colleagues from all around the world, and coming up with new ideas. I sincerely recommend to other researchers from SEE region using the benefits of this research stay.

Borko Mihajlovic, Center for SEELS
research stay in August 2016

My one-and-a-half-month research stay at the Europa-Institut has been an extraordinary academic experience. Professional staff, an impressive library and its supporting infrastructure, as well as the modern campus of the Saarland University, provide a firm guarantee for high-quality academic research and writing. In such an environment, a PhD student can become aware of endless research possibilities and be encouraged to conduct a research project even better than initially planned.

This research stay allowed me not only to extend my legal knowledge and exchange my experience with colleagues from different countries but also taught me how to explore my research potential far better and improve my analytical skills.

It was my pleasure and privilege to be a part of the SEE | EU Cluster of Excellence in European and International Law, which afforded me an experience of a lifetime and many cherished memories.

Nikola Ilić, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law
research stay in July 2016

Doing a PhD can be an isolating experience and it is precisely opportunities like these that help take some of the isolation away. A range of useful literature, excellent networking opportunities and a well-organised campus are only some of the reasons why I would recommend the SEE | EU Cluster of Excellence scholarship.

Matija Miloš, Center for SEELS (Rijeka)
research stay in January 2016

During one month stay at the Europa Institute I had the opportunity to research in very inspiring surrounding with excellent equipped library and all relevant data basis available. This was one important step for my PhD studies since I have collected very good and useful literature and came up with the ideas for new research topics.
I was impressed with the kindness and dedication of people working at the Institute. They definitively made my stay more productive and pleasant.

It will certainly not be the last time I visit Europa Institut and I encourage everyone with an interest in International Law and the EU Law to visit this place and enjoy a perfect research experience.

Andrijana Mišović, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law
research stay in December 2015

As a SEE | EU Cluster of Excellence scholarship holder, I found research stay at the Europa-Institut extremely beneficial to my future research and writing a Ph.D. thesis. The one-month stay gave me a great opportunity to explore and expand my knowledge and provided me with useful experience in improving my research skills.
Kind staff from Europe Institut provided us, not just with all the necessary support and help, but made us feel welcome and enabled us to make contacts for future collaboration. Therefore, I want to give my gratitude and appreciation to Europa-Institut and DAAD for their ongoing support and opportunities for developing academic careers.
For future applicants, I would strongly advice to apply for DAAD fellowship or scholarship, which is an excellent opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills.

Dženana Radončić, Center for SEELS (Zenica)
research stay in December 2015

As a PhD candidate this experience helped me a lot! I have collected plenty of literature and even found some new questions for my PhD thesis. Lots of books, materials, databases and friendly people – and that is why I would recommend SEE | EU Cluster of Excellence scholarship!

Marko Sukačić, Center for SEELS (Osijek)
research stay in January 2016

For me, as for each researcher, scholarships are of great importance. The one given to me was also the opportunity to work on my PhD along with high motivational atmosphere and an option to discuss on matters concerning German and European Law. With great libraries and interesting lecturers on the one side and students as perspective practitioners on the other side, it was easy to accept and enjoy the fact that the research can be the crucial element of life.

Ivana Kanceljak, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law
research stay in November 2015

I would like to express my gratitude to be a part of this program. Since I was searching a PhD study research program where I will have the opportunity to improve scientifically and professionally, I found it very suitable and I strongly recommend it.
Taking into consideration my expectations, I believe that I gained great knowledge, improved my necessary qualifications and I improved my network. This experience helped me personally, since it would not only be important for my professional progress, but will help to gain experience and knowledge that will contribute in the process of fostering excellence in legal science and education through regional cooperation and European integration.

Dushan Bosiljanov, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje,
Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law
research stay in January/February 2016