• What kind of research stays are supported by scholarships?
  • Who is eligible to apply for the scholarship?
  • Are research stays among the partner faculties of the SEE supported by scholarships?
  • What does my scholarship encompass and which costs does it cover?
  • How long are the research stays?
  • Can my research stay be extended?
  • May I reapply for the scholarship if I already had it?

    Scholarship Application Procedure

  •  How does the application process look like?
  • Which documents are to be submitted for the application?
  • Who is the responsible contact person at my faculty?
  • Which are the selection criteria?
  • How does it work after I have been selected for the scholarship?

    General Information on the Research Stay at the Europa-Institut of Saarland University

  •  Since I do not speak German, would a research stay at the Europa-Institut make sense for me? How are the research possibilities at the Europa-Institut?
  • What will be offered at the Europa-Institut and what may I expect?
  • Are there any possibilities to copy and scan materials during my research stay?
  • Will I have a PC and internet access at my disposal during my research stay at the Europa-Institut?
  • When may I come for my research stay to the Europa-Institut?
  • Is there anything I could / should do in order to prepare my research stay at the Europa-Institut after I have been granted a scholarship and before arriving at the Institut?

    Organizational Issues Connected to my Research Stay at the Europa-Institut

  • When will I obtain my scholarship?
  • How will I find accommodation and organize my trip to Saarbrücken after I received the scholarship?
  • Where is the Europa-Institut located and how do I reach it?
  • Does the university campus have a mensa or are there any other means of providing meals at the campus?